Jurassic Journey



Includes: 220m Zipline, abseil, rope bridge, caving, native bush
This is a great adrenaline jab full of variety.

Adults: $130.00, Children: $95.00 (minimum 3 people or $300)


1.5-2 hours

Includes: Ruru Cave, JJ Top cave and native bush grown over an ancient collapsed cave

Adults: $45.00, Children: $30.00 (minimum 5 people or $200)


Combinations: unplugged with Zipline or Abseiling Adult $80 Child $50

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Rope, Rock ‘n’ Fox

3 hours

Includes: abseil over the mouth of the Ruru Cave, venture into the cave and return to ride the 220m zipline.

Adults: $95.00 Children: $75.00 (minimum 4 people or $300)




Choose a height from 9 – 40 meters. Agility & moderate fitness required.

Adults: $45.00 Children: $30.00 (a group of 10 will normally have 2 decent)

Children 7 years and above must only, children under 18 years will require an adult to accompany them.

Combinations: Combine Abseiling and Caving $70 Adult $50 Child

Abseil 5

220m Flying Fox/ Zipline

Allow 1 hour for 15 people

Among NZ’s longest at 220 meters long and 40 meters off the ground.
Agility & moderate fitness required.

Adults: $45.00 Children: $25.00


Glowworm Cave


Amazing galaxy of glowworms in large caverns. “The Squeeze” exit a popular option.

Adults: $35.00 Children: $25.00

Adventure Waikato Eel vid $ pics 134

Ruru Cave


Abundant and dramatic stalactites and stalagmites cover the spectrum of speleothems. Agility & moderate fitness required.

Adults: $35.00 Children: $25.00


Waterfall Climb

1 hour

Climb up a beautiful waterfall with top roping climb system in place. Expect to get wet!

Adults: $40.00 Children: $30.00 minium 6 or $250

waterfall climb

Claybird Shooting – the art of FOCUS

12 Targets per person, tuition, and all equipment supplied.

$40.00 for 12 targets. $55.00 for 20 targets.

Minimum $300, you may do more or less targets by arrangement which may affect the price.


Rifle Shooting (Small bore .22 caliber)

This activity can be a fun competition between teams, we use subsonic ammunition and the 22caliber rifles are easy to handle suiting a variety of ages from around 9 years. $35 per 20 shots more by arrangement. Suits a wide variety of age and ability.
All equipment and tuition supplied.

Adults: $35.00

Rifle Shooting


Learn the ancient art of archery. All equipment and tuition is supplied.

Individual or Team event.

Adults: $30.00 Children: $15.00 (minimum charge $200)


Human Dog Trials

3 teams, 45minutes

A fun challenging farm experience. How does your team measure up to ‘Tux Wonder Dogs’? Each team has 8 minutes to seperate 3 marked sheep and guide them through a set of obstacles. The winners will receive the prestigeous DAG Trohpy.

$28.00 (students yr 10 and above).


Cave Rescue Scenario

3 hours

The ultimate test of team work. A physical and mental challenge for individuals as they work together to extract a supposedly injured party member from a cave, using a stretcher and incorporating first aid techniques.
Adults: $65.00


Swamp Crossing

1 hour

Build a bridge and get over it.
With the emphasis on FUN, this unique activity is bound to get a few laughs. Building a raft, sloshing through a swamp and finding clues are essential to win the race for the treasure. Great team activity.

Adults: $28.00 Children: $20.00 (7 yrs and above only)



1 hour

Orienteering is an adventure sport, where competitors use maps to complete navigational challenges in unfamiliar areas.

Adults: $20.00 Children: $15.00

waikato adventure 3 015

All activities require moderate fitness and agility. Speak to us about some of our combination packages to really get the full Adventure experience.